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Lameness is a word used to describe a limping horse. Keep in mind that most lameness problems do not need to be seen on an emergency basis. Limping can be mild to the point that it is barely detectable to severe and/or non-weight bearing. Horses that have a severe lameness should receive immediate veterinary attention. A few examples of serious lameness problems that should be seen immediately include the following:


•Foot abscess

•Deep wound over a joint or tendon

•Broken bone

A few notes about laminitis:

•There are many causes of laminitis including but not limited to hormone imbalances, over-eating, colitis, diarrhea and retained placenta.

•These horses can be “limping lame” or can be “unwilling to move”. In both of cases, the horse should be seen.

If you are unsure if you horse needs immediate veterinary attention, you may consult with the emergency veterinarian to help you decide on when to have the horse seen. While waiting for the return phone call from the vet, keep your horse quiet and after direction from your veterinarian, you may be able to move him or her to a stall or you might need to keep the horse where you found him/her until the vet arrives.


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